Change management

Design, implementation and reorganization:

  1. Design and implementation of business solutions, reorganization of logistics and in common area of logistics, production, sales, customer service, purchasing, finance etc.
  2. Comprehensive support for management team in the area of design, implementation and monitoring of new solutions.


Design and streamlining of operations processes:

  1. Specifying client's needs and expectations
  2. Current processes mapping
  3. Efficiency and performance analysis, search for possible improvements
  4. Design of respective solutions, evaluation of effects (costs, staff reorganization, FTE, expected performance etc.)
  5. Review of proposed solutions and direct participation in implementation.


Consolidation of change:

  1. Reorganization of existing organization structure and processes to integrate new and improved processes, cross functional integration process.
  2. Coordination of work of stakeholders in supply chain and integration into a consistent operation mechanism.
  3. Introduction of good practices in the area of change implementation and management (i.e. basing on Balance Score Card as a proved tool assuring achievement of goals and concentration on success factors).